Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Baby Looks Like Play-Dough!

Is it wrong that I just said my baby looks like play-dough?? Ok, maybe he doesn't really look like play-dough, but the 3D/4D ultrasound yesterday sure made him look like that. I always found these ultrasounds a little strange and found the baby pics creepy, but I couldn't pass up the session because I only paid $30.00 for it. About 45 minutes before the appointment I ate 3 Reeces Pieces Buttercups in hopes that the sugar would make baby crazy active. Well it did work, he didn't sleep the entire time I was in there. From start to finish he was kicking and playing with his feet. Unfortunately, we had a hard time getting face shots of him because he kept burying his face in my placenta or would turn toward my spine. He did this before during my 16 week anatomy scan. After eating more chocolate, jumping up and down a couple of times and doing some weird body stretches, we tried again to see if he had moved... which he did, but only enough to show 3/4 of his face. We managed to get a good glimpse of his "manhood" and now it has been confirmed 5 times that we are having A BOY! We also got a few good pictures of him playing with his feet. Glen and I both agreed that we were glad we didn't pay full price for the session, since obviously it's not guaranteed you'll get great pictures. Aidan kept talking about how his baby brother is orange, and he thought he was going to come out of the ultrasound machine when the pictures were being printed.

I'm still a boy! 

He looks a lot like Aidan. This picture reminds me of one that I took when Aidan was 1 day old. 

Holding his feet



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